Hulbee Takes Smart Search to the Desktop

GrossBay has announced the launch of its new cloud-based search tool. Based on the same principles at its internet search tool, Hulbee Desktop Search will allow users fast access to important documents and files saved on their hard disk by display of a 'data cloud'. The software is free to download and is available from this page.

As we depend more and more on our computers to save documents and images, the need for a comprehensive and easy search tools becomes paramount. The solutions available today can sometimes provide complex results, however with Hulbee Desktop Search finding a file is much easier.

By using 'data cloud' technology, the results for searches appear in a 'cloud' of results that are connected to the search term, which in turn helps the user track down their files by narrowing down the search thematically. Reducing the need for lengthy searches, Hulbee Desktop Search is the first search tool of its kind to produce results using cloud technology.

Unique features of Hulbee Desktop Search are the Hulbee Indexer which monitors the users computer and automatically ensures that the computers index is always up to date including access to any hidden system files and folders. Windows Vista users can also use Hulbee Gadget via the Vista Sidebar which opens Hulbee Desktop Search automatically.

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