Sinequa and S21sec Sign New Partnership Agreement

Sinequa and S21sec have announced the signing of a comprehensive partnership agreement and combine their strengths in digital security management. This partnership will allow S21sec to distribute the Sinequa Corporate Search Solution in the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula, and secondly to embed Sinequa Corporate Search in the heart of its digital surveillance Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.

The objective is to develop and improve S21sec's search engine skills for both internal development and to enable sales and integration of the Sinequa Corporate Search solution. Under this agreement, the S21sec R&D and sales teams will receive regular training on Sinequa.

S21sec tested and evaluated different search engine technologies on the market, and previously worked with a competitor before the signature of this agreement. Sinequa Corporate Search has been selected as the best solution in terms of security management, but also for its flexibility of integration, performance and its semantic and linguistic technology.

S21sec brings to Sinequa its expertise in the field of digital security technologies including Bitácora Log Management and Bitácora Horizon. With S21sec, Sinequa's customers will soon benefit from additional security management for their information systems, to protect confidential information and prevent information leaks.

Sinequa and S21sec are known for their security expertise. This alliance creates a unique value proposition for the European and Latin American markets in the area of digital security, with a 360° protection of information from external and internal sources. Both companies offer analytical applications including fraud detection (e-crime), monitoring and analysis of trends.

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