Enhanced Version of YouDu CMS Released

An enhanced version of YouDu CMS has launched, offering a new, advanced range of content, design and multimedia features to enable any organisation to effortlessly create and manage their website or intranet. Provided by the Big Oxford Computer Company (BOCC), the YouDu CMS is an intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable content management system, designed to enable non-technical people to quickly and simply build and enhance their website, in order to keep content fresh and engaging.

YouDu CMS - geared towards professional associations, local governments, member and ecommerce websites, and corporate intranets negates the need for special browser plug-ins or complex user manuals, enabling websites to be updated in real-time through an internet browser whether that's changing text, uploading images or inserting rich media files, such as audio and video.

The system offers a comprehensive range of features and functionality, including built-in multimedia applications to really bring websites or intranets to life. These include:
Easy editing with a WYSIWYG browser based editor;
Search engine and social media optimisation with RSS feeds, link management, automatic site map generation and URL aliases;
Interactivity built in with polls, site search and video functionality;
Flexibility to grow the site with events, news and media pages easy to create;
Microsite builder to create campaign or project specific areas.

Complimenting YouDu CMS is YouDu Forms, an online web form-building tool that makes it simple to create user-friendly stylised forms complete with real-time data and reporting tools.

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