MapInfo Professional v10.0 Unveiled

Pitney Bowes Business Insight has unveiled MapInfo Professional v10.0, the latest version of the company's flagship application for business mapping and analysis. With more than 80 percent of corporate data including a location component, MapInfo Professional provides organisations with the ability to visualise and analyse information to secure valuable insights and tremendous advantages over their competitors, which is critical in today's economic environment.

MapInfo Professional 10.0 now includes a redesigned intuitive user interface, access to PostGIS, an open source database, and a built-in support for Layered PDF generation.

Benefits of MapInfo Professional 10.0 include:
Greater Ease of Use A more intuitive user interface and data sharing via layered PDF enables organisations to more easily and efficiently create and share customised maps, resulting in greater efficiency and time savings.
Cost savings MapInfo Professional 10.0 supports PostGIS, an open-source database, providing users with a cost-effective, open source alternative.
Enhanced Data Access Organisations can tap into even more data including Microsoft SQL Server 2008, giving users even greater flexibility and continuing access to multiple forms of data.

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