Clavister Announces Clavister InControl

Clavister has announced the launch of Clavister InControl, a centralized management system which allows IT administrators to manage, optimize and deliver large scale, complex security services such as those delivered by Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and Data Centers.

Clavister InControl allows organizations to manage up to 10,000 Clavister Security Gateways with up to 100 concurrent administrators and offers full control for organizations needing to manage global or geographically dispersed networks.

Further benefits of Clavister InControl include:
• Domain-based policy management — This drastically simplifies management of large installations since policies, address books and similar objects can be shared and replicated.
• Built-in AAA support —Supports AAA (authentication, authorization and audit), and ensures the integrity and configurations managed by the Clavister InControl system. Administrators are forced to authenticate themselves and can only gain access to areas of the system which they are authorised to manage and a comprehensive audit log is available for security audits.
• Delegated management — Supports delegated management which allows administrators to assign different administrator rights to staff.
• Alarm Center — Features comprehensive alarm and notification functionality via the Alarm Center. All events, whether triggered by the system or by a user, are displayed in the Alarm Center screens. This allows system administrators to keep up-to-date with actions within the system.
• Configuration consistency control — Configurations are checked for inconsistencies, errors and other anomalies. Any errors and warnings are highlighted so that problems can be resolved quickly.
• Real-time monitoring — Administrators can actively monitor the status of large numbers of Clavister Security Gateways. This functionality is highly configurable and allows administrators the ability to view overall status from one centralized screen.
• Schema-based architecture —Allows administrators to support Clavister CorePlus updates and new Clavister Security Gateways quickly without having to reload or update Clavister InControl.

Clavister InControl can manage all types of Clavister Security Gateways; hardware appliances, software appliances and virtual appliances, from one interface. The Clavister InControl licensing model is simple and suits any type of network installation; from small installations to large and expanding networks.

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