sipgate Launches Free Phone Service

sipgate is launching a new, free phone service that has the ability to replace most of the nation's 100 million landlines. The new service, called sipgate one, operates over your Internet connection and offers a fully-featured phone service, complete with a free telephone number, no set-up costs and no monthly charges or minimums.

sipgate is extremely flexible and works with your favorite phone, including standard analog phones, mobile phones or VoIP phones. When using a VoIP phone, calls to other sipgate users are completely free (like Skype) and so is receiving calls on the free U.S. phone number sipgate one comes with (unlike Skype). Calls to the U.S. and Canada are 1.9 per minute.

Unlike traditional phone services, sipgate is completely Web-based, making it accessible through a simple, easy-to-use interface - much like your favorite web-based email service. The interface allows users to call someone back with a single click, divert calls to other landline or mobile phones, and browse their inbox and outbox for a complete history of voicemail messages, calls, recordings and faxes.

At no additional cost, sipgate offers a rich feature set designed to make users' lives easier and more convenient:
- Need to write down a number while driving? Record any phone conversation by pressing *6
- Want to customize your voicemail? Upload an mp3
- Want your calls to follow you? Have your home, office and mobile phone ring in parallel
- Left your mobile phone at home? Simply go online and divert calls to your office line
- Want to talk to friends in an ad-hoc conference? Bridge them with the touch of a button
- Missed calls while on a flight? A list is waiting for you in your email

sipgate is also readying a multi-user edition of the service. This service will be targeted towards innovative small businesses and will not only replace landlines, but also costly and complex local phone systems.

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