Zmags Announced Enhancements to Zmags Publicator

Zmags has announced new enhancements to its Zmags Publicator software-as-a-service that help marketers convert print and static documents to interactive format even faster. In fact Zmags, which already offered the industry's fastest conversion rates, has improved conversion times by an additional 60 percent. A 10-page PDF for instance can be converted to an interactive, page-flipping Zmag, complete with links, in just one minute.

Zmags' Interactive Collateral Management (ICM) solution provides a means to digitise and deliver interactive documents to customers, and then measure reading behavior. Zmags can be used to share any type of collateral online including brochures, catalogs, magazines, direct mail and other business documents to help marketers lower production costs, increase reach and generate more revenue. Zmags can also be linked directly to e-commerce systems to make it easier for readers to make purchases. Zmags customers span multiple verticals retail, manufacturing, travel, and healthcare and include companies such as 3M, Chevrolet, IKEA, Microsoft and Volkswagen.

New features include:
Post-Processing Settings: This new feature enables marketers to set default preferences for PDF-to-Zmags conversions, including email notifications, activation settings, and autolink preferences thus eliminating the need to select settings for each individual conversion.
Website Auto Converter: This feature converts all PDF files at a Web site into Zmags by adding a simple JavaScript thus helping marketers convert large volumes of existing content quickly and easily. Subsequent revisions are automatically posted to the Web with no need for manual upload.
FTP Auto Conversion: Zmags users can now access and automatically convert publications to Zmags using an FTP client. Once the PDF has been converted, users are notified by email. This feature can save users a lot of time especially when they are converting a large number of documents.
Progress Views: Provides marketers with insight into the conversion process, including time remaining, and enables them to set up email alerts so others can be notified about availability of new or revised Zmag documents.

All of these features are available to Zmags users effective immediately.

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