Openwave Launches Mobile Analytics 7.0

Openwave Systems has announced the launch of Openwave Mobile Analytics 7.0, a solution that provides deep analytics and rich reporting for mobile devices, including feature phones, smartphones, netbooks and other mobile devices. Openwave Mobile Analytics 7.0 is designed to help carriers better understand mobile data usage, segmented by various subscriber demographics, peak usage times, and identify data consumption patterns that ultimately can help an operator better price and deliver targeted content to users, as well as better optimize their network bandwidth.

Openwave Mobile Analytics 7.0 empowers operators with the ability to better monitor, manage and monetize various types of mobile data traffic, including mobile internet, messaging and social networking usage, to better understand consumption patterns and user demographics. The product provides early identification of mobile data trends, enabling operators to make timely decisions to avoid bandwidth and capacity problems and target business opportunities while increasing revenues. The offering's business intelligence and reporting capabilities not only describe what is happening in an operator's network, but also provide insight as to why it is happening and what is likely to take place in the near future based on both historical and current data analysis. Openwave Mobile Analytics 7.0 does not require cookies or JavaScript to tag and monitor user activity.

The Openwave Mobile Analytics 7.0 solution is expected to be generally available through Openwave at the beginning of the third quarter of calendar year 2009.

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