DeviceAnywhere Integrates Mobile Testing with Enterprise Software Leader

DeviceAnywhere has successfully integrated and certified its mobile development platform into three major IBM software solutions including IBM Rational, IBM Tivoli Netcool, and IBM WebSphere. As a result, organizations can access mobile development products offered by DeviceAnywhere while enabling DeviceAnywhere customers with additional capabilities from IBM's suite of software and middleware solutions.

IBM Rational customers will now have remote access to more than 2000 real devices, available on over 30 carriers worldwide through the integrated IBM Rational Quality Manager and DeviceAnywhere solution. IBM Rational Quality Manager is a test management platform that helps development and QA teams author and manage test assets. The DeviceAnywhere integration enhances an organizations usage of IBM Rational Quality Manager by enabling the teams to centrally manage, execute and analyze test results for any of their traditional application development teams and now, with DeviceAnywhere, the mobile application development teams.

With the DeviceAnywhere Monitoring/Tivoli Netcool integration, mobile operator customers can add device monitoring tools to IBM Tivoli Netcool's network management platform. As a result, mobile operators can now monitor and test how their services are actually working on real devices attached to their network, all from within the IBM Tivoli Netcool platform. This allows mobile operators to gain a clearer perspective of their customers' experience at both the network and end-user level and to address problems in real-time.

Additionally, DeviceAnywhere has ported its DeviceAnywhere Consumer solution to IBM WebSphere. This means that DeviceAnywhere Consumer can be bundled with WebSphere for use in customer care environments where mobile phones form part of the consumer experience. DeviceAnywhere Consumer allows customer care representatives to interact with virtual mobile phones, so that they can "see" the issues being experienced by the customer and talk them through solutions.

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