GE Fabbri Invests in Intrexx

United Planet announces that GE Fabbri, a major UK-based partwork publisher, producing top-quality publications for international markets, has invested in Intrexx to enhance its internal communications and to augment its human resource and project management capabilities.

GE Fabbri has used Intrexx to create a web-based, platform independent employee portal that acts as a centralised communication platform for the whole company. Over 100 employees now benefit from optimised work processes and a variety of applications integrated into the portal that are designed to increase efficiency and productivity. Information that is critical to performing a task, for example, is stored in a central location and easily accessible via a web browser so that time consuming searches are no longer necessary. Company news is made available via the portal starting page, providing a quick overview of key issues at the start of the working day and ensuring that everyone is briefed on important topics at the same time, instead of being lost in general email traffic.

The Human Resources team has used Intrexx to increase knowledge sharing and to simplify a variety of general HR activities. New employees are able to create their own profiles that provide key information about their skills and qualifications etc for referencing by project managers and other employees. PCs, laptops and mobile phones that are assigned to each employee can be identified and tracked throughout their employment on the portal. The automation of the entire holiday request and approval process via online form submission and approval, speeds up the entire procedure and ensures that absences can be monitored centrally and holiday entitlement accurately recorded. Paperwork and time required to follow through each holiday request has been dramatically reduced, freeing HR for other activities.

Intrexx has also enabled GE Fabbri to simplify the workflows and processes associated with handling investment proposals, with low value proposals processed electronically on the portal and only higher value proposals submitted to a rigorous review procedure.

Looking to the future, GE Fabbri plans to integrate the company's SAP Business One data and other international third party software, such as editorial management software, into the portal to automate and simplify a variety of complex processes. It also anticipates the development of a courier handling application which will automatically direct online courier requests to reception for action. A stationary ordering application will also simplify requests for essential equipment. External web links are also expected to be integrated into the portal.

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