Liken Expands S.E.A Flagship Through Software Usage Partnership

Liken group has added to its acclaimed Software Efficiency Audit (S.E.A) service by partnering with complementary products from Scalable Software.

Liken's Software Efficiency Audit (S.E.A) service is already helping an increasing number of CFOs and CIOs to place a considerably greater focus on tightening software budgets and raising overall system efficiency from existing software license arrangements. By conducting a Software Efficiency Audit, Liken claims, organisations can easily discover where they have over licensed software or alternatively, where they have underutilised the investment they have already made. The service will then advise on how significant savings can be made without affecting service levels. S.E.A will also identify where alternatives such as Open Source products might be used instead of expensive, proprietary solutions.

By partnering with Scalable, Liken believes they now offer a complete resource to companies seeking to optimise software usage and reduce costs.

Scalable has made a major market impact with its much respected Survey solution. This provides highly effective management intelligence for businesses seeking a single, in-depth view of the IT assets installed in an organisation.

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