Business Logic Systems Launches Real-Time Marketing Manager

Mobile operators can now respond to customer events, such as recharges, as they happen, to drive up service usage and increase customer lifetime value, with the launch of InTelestage Real-Time Marketing Manager from Business Logic Systems.

InTelestage Real-Time Marketing Manager offers operators the potential to realise the full value of personalised customer communication, by reducing the inherent latency in campaign management solutions from days or weeks to just a few seconds. That means operators can trigger automated SMS responses to subscribers within minutes of them recharging, so that each customer feels uniquely valued.

Marketers can set up automated campaigns that respond to customer behaviour, such as recharge or purchase of a Value Added Service within minutes. Operators can trigger a thank you SMS, apply a reward (in the form of airtime or VAS) or prompt further profitable behaviours by offering an incentive.

InTelestage Real-Time Marketing Manager can be easily integrated with best of breed CRM systems, to create an end-to-end solution for real-time communication. Because the entire campaign process is automated, multiple campaigns can run simultaneously to different micro segments of the subscriber base.

Real-time Marketing Manager is part of InTelestage, the only Customer Lifecycle Management software specifically designed for mobile operators. The InTelestage modules share a common software platform, based upon the latest Microsoft .net and service-oriented architecture (SOA).

When integrated with other modules from the InTelestage portfolio, Real-time Marketing Manager's intuitive user interface allows marketers to design and execute trigger-based marketing campaigns to customer micro-segments, based on real-time customer recharge events, from the desktop.

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