Device Anywhere Selected by AMBER Ready

Device Anywhere has been selected by AMBER Ready to test its AMBER Ready II program for mobile phones. The AMBER Ready II program, tested on the DeviceAnywhere service, allows parents to download the AMBER Ready Program and create a profile of their child, along with a photograph and have it readily accessible so that in the event their child should go missing, the profile can be wirelessly transmitted to law enforcement officials instantly.

When a child is missing, time is of the essence. Providing the child's information to law enforcement is critical to effectively get an alert to other law enforcement units and possibly issue an AMBER Alert. Nothing is more important then ensuring that the proper authorities are alerted immediately. AMBER Alerts were created to promote awareness that a child has gone missing. Alerts are distributed to various outlets such as email, radio and television stations, as well as on major roadways via traffic-condition signs. The AMBER Ready II program adds to the efficiency of the system, by allowing a child's AMBER Ready profile which includes photographs, and descriptive data to be transmitted to authorities and included when AMBER Alerts are released.

DeviceAnywhere's platform for mobile application testing, automation and monitoring allows mobile application developers to ensure that their content is reliable and functions properly by providing remote access to real mobile devices. Simulators and emulators often can not accurately predict real-world scenarios, and when proper operation is essential, only live devices can be relied upon.

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