The Top 10 Advantages of a Windows Based PBX

Companies planning to take advantage of cost savings and productivity increases achieved by using VoIP face a difficult decision what PBX solution to choose. Amongst the options are a Windows based software solution, a Linux based black box style appliance or a "VoIP enabled" proprietary PBX. The whitepaper released by 3CX titled 'The top 10 advantages of a Windows based PBX' details the key benefits of a Windows phone system and explains why customers should shy away from yet another black box solution.

"A Windows based PBX solution is by far the best choice for any company that relies on Windows networks & servers. Hiding the complexity of a Linux based PBX solution in a dedicated appliance or Linux distribution is only a short term solution that will result in a much higher TCO over time. Furthermore, companies will not be able to take full advantage of VoIP and Unified communications because integration possibilities with existing Windows applications will be limited", said Nick Galea, 3CX.

"VoIP enabled" proprietary PBXs provide only limited VoIP support and because in most cases they do not adhere to the open SIP standard, customers will be limited in choice of phones, VoIP services and gateway hardware and will not be able to get the full benefit of the VoIP 'revolution'.

The whitepaper is available in PDF format from this location.

Accompanying the whitepaper is a YouTube video presentation highlighting the key points, available here.

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