PaltalkScene Certified by the TRUSTe Trusted Download Program

Paltalk announces that PaltalkScene 9.7 has been certified by the TRUSTe Trusted Download Program (TDP). Trusted Download is the first software standards program in the industry, certifying applications that are created with the customer in mind. Paltalk users can be assured that the software they are using has been through the rigorous TRUSTe certification process.

Paltalk software is available for free and allows users to browse or search thousands of free chat rooms or create their own. Additionally, it allows them to send instant messages and video chat with up to 10 people at once with SuperIM. Paltalk has been certified by TRUSTe to clearly communicate key functionalities to ensure users know exactly what they are getting prior to download. The certification process also requires Paltalk to provide an easy uninstall of the software for users with clear instructions, among other requirements. Specifically, TRUSTe certified whitelist companies agree to:
- Explain their software in such a way that users understand what they are downloading.
- Offer consumers a notice and an opportunity to consent to what they are downloading.
- Provide instructions for uninstalling that is easy to find and easy to understand.
- Avoid creating applications that exhibit the following behaviors: taking control of a consumer's computer, modifying security or other settings of the computer to cause damage or harm, spyware tactics for surveillance and tracking, etc.
- Allow monitoring by TRUSTe for ongoing compliance with the Program's strict standards.

For over ten years, Paltalk has been leading the industry in real-time audio and video chat with nine patents, a focus on quality user experiences, and continual product innovation to create the largest video-based community in this space. Paltalk's growth is due to a rich feature set to enable user interactions and connections, which includes:
- Free SuperIM - voice and video chat for up to 10 people simultaneously;
- Free chat room - Every member within Paltalk is able to create their own chat room and invite anyone to join them. Top room categories include politics, karaoke, sports and religion;
- Friend Finder - easy way to find friends based on a member's e-mail address book;
- Auto-launch into a room - Joining a room is easy and new users are automatically brought into popular rooms based on the member's preferences;
- Better safety for the Paltalk community - All Paltalk employees are designated by a special watermark and a header to prevent imposters from pretending to be Paltalk employees. This measure is unique in the industry and is part of Paltalk's approach to community safety;
- A Bot-Free and Friendly Environment - Paltalk is a place for real people to connect in a friendly, trusted environment. Utilizing proprietary technology, Paltalk has created a "no-bot zone", free of chatterbots or virtual chat partners.

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