NetQoS Performance Centre Upgraded

The increasing complexity and cost of delivering applications across distributed networks requires that more people have timely access to actionable performance data than ever before. The NetQoS Performance Centre version 5.0 has new data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities to help operations personnel, engineers, and executives ensure optimum application performance across the network.
Three main additions to the NetQoS Performance Centre include visualisations of performance data geared towards operations groups and management:
Application Performance Dashboard: The Application Performance Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of response times per application and site across an organisation. Designed for operations, help desk, and other personnel responsible for level-one troubleshooting, the Application Performance Dashboard helps isolate the root cause of problems down to the network, server, or application. Powering the dashboard is a repeatable workflow that, within three clicks, allows users to move from the initial alert view to multi-tiered application analysis to packet details for in depth diagnosis and troubleshooting.
Maps with Real-Time Event Notifications: The NetQoS Performance Centre maps show performance and traditional availability events all in one screen. The maps give users a real-time perspective on the health of the entire IT infrastructure and its effect on application performance. Topology displays and customisable grouping of devices provide context and simple drill-down in helping establish the impact and severity of the events.
NetQoS Connector for Microsoft Excel: A rich set of data sources means an endless combination of reports that can be harvested from the NetQoS Performance Centre. For this reason, NetQoS has created an API to help customers quickly build custom reports in Excel using data from multiple NetQoS Performance Centre product modules. One large customer used to spend about two weeks per month building custom reports for senior management. The NetQoS Connector for Excel has enabled them to build the same reports in just a few hours, facilitating more frequent reporting and freeing time for strategic network projects. For instance, one report shows insight into network usage by application and location, enabling the organisation to make more informed capacity planning and infrastructure investment decisions.

NetQoS Performance Centre enhanced features for network engineers include:
Advanced Capacity Planning Capabilities: The NetQoS Performance Centre includes advanced capacity planning capabilities that go beyond device utilization projections and allow users to trend future network use by link, application, and users, all without a specialised, separate capacity management tool. This allows network engineers, for example, to quickly see which applications in the future will likely consume the most bandwidth for a specific network interface or site and make more accurate upgrade and quality of service (QoS) decisions.
Anomaly Detection Capabilities across Multiple Data Sources: NetQoS is the first vendor to collect and analyse anomalies from multiple data sources beyond Cisco IOS NetFlow, to proactively detect patterns that could impact application performance and delivery. The NetQoS Performance Centre now uses anomaly detection algorithms and sensors across NetFlow traffic, SNMP device performance data, application response time statistics, and voice and video metrics. By correlating anomalies across these data sources, the NetQoS Performance Centre helps identify where the most pervasive and troubling abnormal behavior exists. This will help IT organisations reduce mean time to repair as well as avoid problems in the first place.

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