ntl:Telewest Business Launches New Online Billing Portal

ntl:Telewest Business has launched a new online Billing Portal that integrates all voice and data charges. The paperless service makes all billing information available to customers within a few clicks.

The secure portal enables customers to access billing information digitally and carry out detailed analysis based on the services they use and their office locations. It enhances the paper and disk bill offerings currently available to customers by making invoices more accessible.

The Billing Portal is built on Microgen's flagship product, Microgen Aptitude, a Business Process Platform (BPP), equipping business customers with a scalable and agile online environment. It has been specifically designed to be accessible and easy to use so that customers are able to make the best use of its features and capabilities.

The service gives ntl:Telewest Business a competitive edge when it comes to the company's consultative approach to customers. It drastically reduces the number of inbound queries from customers requesting additional copies of paper bills, meaning service teams can now dedicate more time to helping customers with more strategic communications advice.

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