LiveTime Announces its New Geo Location Service

LiveTime Software has announced its new Geo Location service that enables service providers to track technicians and customers using LiveTime anywhere in the world. LiveTime Geo Location for Service Management allows organizations to offer advanced resource allocation based on a technician's specific location.

The new Geo Location feature will be introduced in LiveTime 6.0 with an accuracy of 25 square miles from desktop computers and within 5 meters using LiveTime's forthcoming, native iPhone application available at the Apple Store via iTunes.

The Geo Location service provides realtime updates of service technicians in the field and integrates directly into Google maps to display the current location of each technician. This enables tracking of both the origin of the customer request as well as the technician supporting the call. LiveTime has also added proximity based logic into the core selection algorithm to allow priority selection of a technician based on their geographic location to the customer.

This is the first of LiveTime's new cloud service offerings available to existing customers at no cost under existing service contracts. LiveTime's new cloud based services are designed to build on LiveTime's core infrastructure around the globe and leverage the dynamic nature of the Internet to improve customer service and internal business processes.

LiveTime Service Manager 5.5 continues to expand its global reach and appeal to large enterprises with its integrated approach to ITIL best practices, open standards, intuitive interface and embedded Configuration Management Database (CMDB). LiveTime is available as a virtual appliance, hardware appliance and traditional server software, servicing more than 10 million users around the globe.

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