Dolphin Contract Manager for SharePoint Released

Dolphin Software has launched Dolphin Contract Manager for SharePoint, a contract management software that brings cost, time and risk reduction to the 60%+ organisations standardising on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. The contract lifecycle management market is growing at 23% per year. Dolphin Software also announces the signing of its first customer, Canadian firm Northland Ontario, plus five partners across the US, UK and Ireland: Gimmal Group, Mindlance, ICS Solutions, Triad Group and Spanish Point Technologies.

Most large organisations have 20,000-40,000 contracts and 60-80% of all business transactions are governed by contracts or agreements, which on average take upwards of 3 weeks to draft. However, many organisations do not have a clearly defined enterprise-wide process for drafting, reviewing, negotiating and managing contracts. Rarely is there clear visibility of contracts, which are often archived on paper or electronic systems, where key contract milestones, commitments and obligations remain hidden. It is estimated that over 10% of all executed contracts are lost.

In-house legal and procurement departments are typical customers for contract management software, but also CIOs, CFOs, sales human resources and contract managers. However, in most cases, automated administration of contracts organisation-wide is rare, since few organisations have a single person with responsibility for contracts on an enterprise-wide scale. Risks include contracts being renewed without review, penalty clauses, lost revenue or cost-saving opportunities.

Dolphin Contract Manager provides a single, centralised repository and, by automating the process and dealing with minutiae, frees employees' time while giving them the assurance that vital details are not being overlooked. Features include: a contract clause tracker; Compliance Monitoring & regulatory requirements; automated alerts; Tracking of Price Rebates; Reporting; Contract negotiation workspaces; Workflow and reporting tools; Author workspaces; Contract drafting and storage.

For partners, Dolphin Software has developed the Dolphin Alliance Programme to provide a fast-track to adding contract management to their service portfolios.

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