Wapple Launches Wapple Architect

Wapple has announced the launch of Wapple Architect, enabling developers to quickly mobilise existing PC web applications and create new mobile services that integrate existing data and content. Applications created through Wapple Architect will automatically work on any phone and can be accessed via the same URL used for pc web users.

"There is real excitement and demand in the market for serving existing content to mobile users, but developers have been faced with the impossible task of supporting more than 50,000 device and software variants", says Richard Holdsworth, CTO at Wapple. "The result is that many have either relied upon crude transcoding to deliver very basic content or spent months developing different sites for the varying phones. Others will just concentrate on developing apps for the iPhone, which means missing out on a huge chunk of the market. With Wapple Architect, developers simply describe their content in WAPL (Wapple Application Programming Language) once and let Wapple's mobile device capabilities automatically optimise and deliver it to any mobile device from the latest smartphone, such as the G1, or games console to first generation handsets."

Wapple's unique, easy-to-understand XML-based language, WAPL lies at the heart of Architect and works in the same way as HTML/XHTML for web. Developers can then take control of device detection by integrating with Wapple's web services - this identifies when a mobile browser is being used to access the url and serves the appropriate mobile experience."

The Wapple Exhibit device profiler and delivery engine provides dynamic and intelligent optimisation so that applications and domains published using Wapple Architect are accurately rendered not just for all of the devices in use now but from the moment a new handset or update is launched onto the market.

"More than 100 new device and software combinations appear every month", says Holdsworth; "By using Wapple technology, mobile application developers are future-proofing their results. Our delivery technology identifies new device properties the moment they are used and presents content in the right way. The correct mark-up language is delivered, logos and other images are never distorted or in the wrong colour, navigation is presented in the most appropriate way and only functionality the device is able to handle is displayed and adapted to the screen size."

In addition WAPL can be written into sites built on Wapple's mobile web publishing platform, Canvas.

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