The UK's First National Software Licensing and Management Conference Announced

The UK's first national software licensing and management conference will take place on Tuesday 12th May 2009, bringing together software asset management practitioners, leading software vendors and software end user organisations.

This unique one-day event has been set up by the Software Industry Research Board (SIRB), in conjunction with FAST IiS and research firm IDC to help CIOs, CFOs, Finance Directors, IT Directors and all those who have responsibility for the commercial and operational management of software licenses to understand how they can generate significant benefits by having practical and effective software management processes in place. This event will highlight the critical steps to take to create a successful software asset management (SAM) strategy, and point out how to identify and overcome the barriers to effectively managing software.

The conference has two principal streams aimed at providing guidance to both the technical and commercial teams within any organisation. Guest speakers from four end user organisations will share their insights and offer advice from their first hand experience, giving perspective to the drivers, practices and benefits achieved. In addition, SIRB members including Microsoft, Oracle, FrontRange and Computacenter as well as leading experts from the legal, accounting and media professions will shed light on best practice, regulation, and commercial licensing models.

The SIRB's mandate is to provide education and guidance to UK organisations on software licensing and management and as such it champions best practice and is committed to improving the understanding of licensing practices and attitudes towards commercial software management. In parallel it helps both the private and public sector recognise how they can make simple changes that enable them to keep on top of this important discipline.

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