Being Incahoots Helps You to Save Money

Incahoot, the new money saving website, has been launched this month with a mobile phone offer from 3 which is the best deal on the market in this price range. This exclusive package, available only from the Incahoot web-site, is the first of many money saving offers from Incahoot and could save customers well over 200 per month on their phone bills!

This new, easy-to-use website has simplified the whole process of choosing a mobile phone contract. Offering only the most popular handsets and one highly competitive tariff, the Incahoot website offers customers better value for money, and is easier to use than the price comparison websites.

For just 18 per month on an 18 month contract, you can get 500 cross network minutes or texts, 2,300 minutes of 3 to 3 calls, 4,000 minutes of free Skype to Skype calls and free voice mail, giving the customer 2,000 more minutes a month than any other similarly priced package from 3. No other operator offers this much value in this price range.

Incahoot has also teamed up with 3 to promote their market beating Mobile Broadband Max 15Gb offer, where customers can get 5 times more data allowance than any other deal on the market for just 15 per month.

Whether you are just a frequent e-mailer and user of the internet, or a really serious user, downloading loads of music and video, Broadband Max is the ultimate package. 3 has created this proposition to address consumer fears over "out of bundle" charges, giving real peace of mind. 97% of users do not use outside of 15GB a month so there'll be no nasty surprises.

With Broadband Max from 3 you can do the following every month:
- Send 15,000 Outlook/HTML Emails
- Surf the web for 150 hours
- Download 75 four minute videos
- Download 480 four minute music tracks.

The Incahoot website is easy to use and has full details of all their offers. It also highlights which products and services Incahoot will be offering soon, and which include energy, home broadband, home security, Insurance and home landline telephone calls.

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