IGELís PC to Thin Client Conversion Card Helps Customers Deploying Virtual Desktops or Server-Based Computing

Businesses looking to migrate their environments to virtual desktop or server-based computing solutions to cut the cost of computing can convert their old PCs for £89 using IGEL's PC to thin client conversion card. The card is a suitable solution for businesses with ageing PCs looking to quickly reap the rewards of a more cost effective and secure computing environment.

The IGEL PC to thin client conversion card has full Citrix and VMware virtualisation support with the unique IGEL 'one click' virtual PC appliance mode, allowing customers to quickly and easily configure their old PCs to a new server-based computing or virtual desktop environment.

By reusing existing PC's, businesses can lower the initial costs of moving to a more effective computing environment whilst immediately beginning to gain the benefits of lower TCO costs and improved security from data loss and viruses.

The converted PCs are easy to manage and support with the powerful IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) which is included with every card. UMS is easy-to-use yet extremely powerful software that allows customers to remotely manage IGEL thin clients so that support costs are kept to a minimum. And the investment is future-proofed, as customers will have access free of charge to all IGEL's future firmware upgrades.

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