Kodak Expands its Microfilm Scanning Equipment Portfolio

Eastman Kodak Company and e-ImageData Corporation have announced an exclusive agreement outside of the US, Canada and Australia for Kodak to sell the ScanPro 2000 Microfilm Scanner.

With its single integral zoom lens providing magnifications from 7x to 100x, easy-to-use PowerScan software with features such as automatic focus, film advance, and 360 degree image rotation, the ScanPro 2000 is ideal as a walk-up device in libraries, archives and in other public and private research environments. Ultra compact, it is a universal scanner designed for the rigors of public use to make it easier for people to quickly access information contained on traditional microfilm.

The ScanPro 2000 allows users to view, print, and scan all types of microforms fiche, 16mm & 35mm roll film, aperture cards, micro opaques and so on via a PC. Its purpose-designed carriers are specifically engineered to avoid film scratching and ball-bearing guides provide exceptional film positioning control, while offering smooth and sturdy performance.

With a one-second scan time only, after information on the microform is located using the unique image magnifier feature, images can then be scanned to print, email, USB key, CD and hard-drive and in many different file formats including PDF, jpeg and TIFF at up to 600 dpi.

Images can be previewed on a PC monitor in real-time and scanning quality can be optimised using TRUE-view image adjustment features to enhance brightness, contrast, cropping and deskew either manually or automatically. Changes made can be seen right on the PC screen before scanning, saving or printing, making the whole process of transferring information held on microforms that much easier as users don't have to scan images first to see how changes in settings effect scan quality. For complete control, access to features can be dictated and customised by administrators which simplifies day-to-day management.

The newly launched ScanPro 2000 microfilm scanner is the replacement for the ScanPro 1000 universal microforms scanner and has all the features and benefits of the previous model but with higher resolution optics, faster zoom, an integrated, precision digital film controller, touch screen support, and Energy Star compliance for reduced energy usage.

Using just 20 watts of power so environmentally friendly, the ScanPro 2000 supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems and connects to a PC using a FireWire IEEE 1394 connector for maximum speed and performance.

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