TweeterTags Introduces User-Focussed Twitter Directory

A new website offers a valuable and personal addition to Twitter - a directory of potential friends that the user actually wants to engage with, instead of the usual lists of popular 'celebs' with little chance of an actual interaction. TweeterTags has 2 simple functions: allowing the user to 'tag' themselves with any interest, skill or item description; and also providing a dynamic way to find and follow other users.

After meeting each other through Twitter, the TweeterTags team huddled over coffee and decided to develop an easier way for Twitter users to find friends and like-minded people. The site quickly established itself as a successful network for Newcastle-based users and spread from there - now with users in over 75 countries, TweeterTags has become a popular and individual solution to the common Twitter users' question of 'who should I follow?'

Using the colourful 'tag clouds' or simply navigating through profiles, users can quickly add interests and find others with the same, however diverse - users have already added thousands of tags ranging from graphic design to extreme ironing! Fine tuning searches with the new Tag Filter will let the user decide exactly how tailored they want their friends lists to be. And unlike the newcomer 'WeFollow', TweeterTags is dedicated to showcasing actual people with real and diverse interests as personalised as they require, with no limit on the amount of tags a user can add.

The TweeterTags team are already elbow-deep in tags, working on exciting additional features which promise to add even more to the Twitter experience. For more information visit

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