Vuzix Announces 'Works with iPhone' Apple Certified Cable

Vuzix Corporation has announced certified Apple iPhone compatibility with all its AV video eyewear products. Every "Works with iPhone" product is designed for optimal connectivity with the iPhone and is certified to meet Apple performance standards. Additionally, the cable is the first on the market that supports 3-D video in the following formats:
Side by Side
All 3 Major Anaglyph Modes.

The cable will be available bundled with the with the complete range of AV products and can be used with all AV series Vuzix video eyewear product.

Vuzix continues to set the standard for innovative and high-quality Video Eyewear products. The iWear VR920 is the world's best-selling virtual reality system while the iWear AV310 Widescreen boasts the world's first 16:9 widescreen video eyewear. The AV230XL is designed for the everyday consumer and features the convenience of AA-battery power and a sub-150.00 (inc vat) price point. The latest edition to the iWear family due in the autumn, the Wrap 920AV raises the bar once again with a true 'sunglass look'.

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