Hunting Season Begins As Thehunter.Com Goes Live

Emote Games, publisher of theHunter, has officially launched the hunting game and social network, giving thousands of eager hunting and gaming enthusiasts the opportunity to play this breakthrough simulation. Free to play, users can simply log on at, sign up and gain instant access.

The recent launch has quickly proven a tremendous success with over a hundred thousand people already making theHunter one of the world's most popular hunting destinations. Originally targeted at a US audience, demand for theHunter has also been phenomenal throughout Europe with particular interest coming from the UK, Germany, France and Sweden.

theHunter combines realistic hunting action that includes tracking, spotting and harvesting a variety of animals, with a larger social networking community that gives players the chance to meet other players, post information about themselves and their hunts, receive awards and see scores. The online element of theHunter allows the game to continually evolve, with regular updates and the release of new features such as hunts, gear, new species, maps and habitats, making the game truly reflective of the ever changing hunting world.

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