Bubble Motion Announces Partnership with AIS Thailand

Bubble Motion has announced a partnership with AIS, the largest mobile operator in Thailand, to provide the BubbleTALK Voice SMS service.

BubbleTALK will allow AIS subscribers to send voice messages directly to the receiver's handset. AIS will connect with BubbleNET, Bubble Motion's global network of asynchronous messaging, for international sending. Recipients instantly receive a notification which prompts them to listen and reply to the message. Voice SMS allows the user to convey more feeling and emotion in their messaging, adding a personal touch to each message.

BubbleTALK has been shown to give an immediate lift in ARPU and can be deployed for all subscribers without any client software or end-user behavior change. A deployment takes just a few weeks, typically does not require any additional network resources, and can even be deployed as a hosted service.

Mobile operators around the globe offer BubbleTALK to their subscribers, giving the service a reach of more than 200 million subscribers. BubbleTALK is now deployed by some of the largest and most respected mobile operators in India, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Turkey.

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