DeviceAnywhere Launches DeviceAnywhere Proof Center

DeviceAnywhere has announced the release of a revolutionary new self-certification technology called DeviceAnywhere Proof Center. Currently, available through a select group of DeviceAnywhere's strategic partners, DeviceAnywhere Proof Center eliminates the time and expense associated with certification of mobile applications and content.

As more app stores are created, and as open mobile development becomes increasingly significant, certification and testing remain the greatest barriers to realizing revenues quickly from mobile application development. Now with the launch of DeviceAnywhere Proof Center self-certification system, built on top of DeviceAnywhere's mobile testing platform, those two barriers have been pulled down for developers.

Content developers or authorized agents will be able to self-test their content submissions against the requirements of operators, operating systems or handset manufacturers on any of DeviceAnywhere's 2000+ devices. And most importantly, all test results including handset screenshots or video are automatically compiled into saved proofs, organized by application and handset, viewable through the Proof Center or available in easy-to-read files for submission.

Certification is an important aspect of mobile application development. While there are a significant amount of mobile applications available, consumers want to rely on the content and applications they are putting on their personal devices, which often store valuable personal information. Additionally, consumers need to ensure that the content is compatible with their device.

For these reasons, application stores have been implementing certification programs. These programs range from a high-level certification process, to some that require hardly any at all. Those with less stringent requirements can be subject to criticism by consumers and the industry for inferior quality. Certification is a tool developers can utilize to guarantee that their applications will operate properly, and can be trusted by consumers.

DeviceAnywhere Proof Center is currently available through DeviceAnywhere partners including OpenMarket Inc.

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