DeviceAnywhere and mBlox Extend Their Partnership

DeviceAnywhere has extended its relationship with mBlox to offer DeviceAnywhere Proof Center, a new solution for testing and certification, to mBlox customers worldwide.

DeviceAnywhere Proof Center eliminates the time and expense associated with testing and certification of mobile applications and content. With DeviceAnywhere Proof Center, mobile content developers or authorized agents can take control over their testing and certification processes to ensure full compatibility against the requirements of operators, operating systems or handset manufacturers on any of DeviceAnywhere's 2000+ mobile devices. DeviceAnywhere is currently partnering with a select group of strategic DeviceAnywhere Connect partners, including mBlox.

mBlox provides solutions for mobile operator connectivity and billing for mobile services. As a long standing DeviceAnywhere Connect partner, mBlox has continuously extended DeviceAnywhere's mobile application testing solutions to its mobile content and services clients allowing them to successfully launch high quality mobile applications more efficiently. Together with the global reach of mBlox, the DeviceAnywhere Proof Center product will save mBlox customers time and effort as they prepare for market launch worldwide. The ease of the certification process through DeviceAnywhere Proof Center will improve efficiency for mobile content testing and certification.

Combining the features of DeviceAnywhere's other products, Proof Center includes features to aid in the development process. Proof Center certification test reports include actual device screenshots and video, and are exportable to files. Test are fully customizable, to meet the needs of the various content being produced by developers. The results are a fully tested and certified application, ready for market deployment.

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