FutureIT Announces the latest Version of EZManage SQL Pro

FutureIT has announced the latest version of EZManage SQL Pro, its agentless tool for centralising and automating the management of multiple Microsoft SQL Servers. Providing a completely integrated solution for management, administration, backup, DRP, multiple server scripting, and monitoring and alerts, EZManage SQL Pro ensures that all servers are fully optimised and also cuts server maintenance costs by up to 40%.

The latest version of EZManage SQL v3.3 offers a completely re-designed notification engine that provides the ability to create custom user-defined alerts, modify any alert settings, and apply automated actions when an alert is fired. For example, this could be an alert that notifies the administrator when a database status is not "ONLINE" and immediately attempts to change it back to "ONLINE".

EZManage SQL Pro allows administrators to monitor the status of multiple SQL Servers and databases from one centralised dashboard screen, view all jobs from all servers, execute immediate and scheduled backups, optimise performance, and restore databases between servers and environments. EZManage SQL also saves valuable time through the improved management of routine maintenance tasks and reduces required storage space by up to 90% by compressing backup files.

EZManage SQL Pro's disaster recovery support provides a data consistency solution based on full database, transaction log and differential database backups. This is done by automatically restoring databases between different servers.

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