AdMob iPhone Download Exchange Goes Live

AdMob is addressing one of the biggest challenges facing iPhone application developers with the launch of the AdMob iPhone Download Exchange. This new service gives developers a unique way to increase consumer awareness and downloads of their iPhone applications. AdMob already works with a network of more than 1,000 iPhone applications to help them effectively monetise and engage with consumers.

AdMob has leveraged the capabilities of its mobile technology platform to enable the new AdMob iPhone Download Exchange to:
Drive application downloads for developers in a new way;
Maximise effectiveness of exchange ads by ensuring they only run on devices that do not already have the same application installed, as well as by targeting the correct Operating System (OS) version, geography, and device (iPhone vs. iPod touch);
Simplify the ad creation process by automatically developing the ad creative;
Provide reporting on the ad impressions allocated by developers to the exchange and the number of downloads generated;
Give developers detailed control over the ratio of exchange ads to paid ads running in their application.

AdMob will allocate Download Exchange ad inventory among the exchange members based on the quantity and quality of the inventory each member contributes, as well as the "installiness" of an application. AdMob will closely monitor and optimise the exchange to deliver the best possible results for all members.

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