Comodo Online BackUp Preserves Data for Posterity

Online data backups were still two millennia in the future when Plutarch wrote that Caesar had burned down the Ancient Library at Alexandria.

Just like the information on home computers, not all of the library's information would have been useful to save. But with the new Comodo Online BackUp, today's information keepers do not need to spend time choosing and backing up only valuable information. At the touch of a button, they can copy every bit of information on their computers and save it online, safely away from the computers themselves.

Businesses already use online backups to preserve their mission-critical data; often this is required by law.

As home users store more of their information on PCs, they, too, want or need a simple-to-use and effective backup solution for their financial documents, digital photographs and other valuable or hard-to-replace data.

With Comodo Online BackUp, once the backup process is set in Comodo's built-in scheduler, data is backed up online. It can be accessed any time from anywhere. Even if the computers are damaged or stolen, all their information is available for use immediately.

Users can have more control over their back-up process by including or excluding files with certain attributes like extension or size. Filters ensure that only designated files are backed-up.

Comodo Online BackUp features a user-friendly and intuitive interface that takes users through the download, installation and customization process and initiates back-ups in 5 minutes or less.

If Alexandria's rulers had online backup ability, today the world would have a richer understanding of the Roman Empire. With Comodo Online BackUp, computer users can preserve their own records for posterity with unprecedented ease and security.

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