LivePCSupport Moves PC Users into the Fast Lane

On the information superhighway, aces whiz past the novices. New users without technical expertise know that there are great destinations on the Internet, but they are afraid to visit them, lest new tools and applications send them bewildering error messages. Worse, new software might force them to look under the "hoods" of their computers. Comodo Security Solutions' new LivePCSupport service puts computer users in touch with experts, who can remotely fix many problems over the Internet.

With Comodo LivePCSupport, an online computer repair service, Internet users connect with instant messages to technical support experts. The LivePCSupport subscriber describes the problem or question. The Comodo troubleshooter connects to the subscriber's computer via the Internet. In many cases, the support technician can delete a file or change a setting to fix the problem. This allows the subscriber to enjoy the benefits of the Internet without having to learn the intricacies of his or her computer.

This live computer support service includes many of the operations a computer user normally has to puzzle through, or to ask a friend or relative to help with: Virus Diagnosis and Removal, PC Tune-up, Internet Login Protection, Email Account Setup, Software Installation, Printer Setup, Printer Troubleshooting, Green PC, and Computer Troubleshooting.

LivePCSupport differs from other support programs in that it is chat- rather than telephone-based. Telephone-based support services provide instructions over the phone. If the pc user is unaccustomed to computers, the instructions can be hard to follow. With hands-on support, Comodo's experts perform diagnose problems and then repair them via an Internet connection.

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