Mistral Solutions Unveils the GNAT Pro 6.2 from AdaCore

Mistral Solutions has announced the availability of the latest version of the GNAT Pro Ada Development Environment - the GNAT Pro 6.2 from AdaCore, a provider of Ada tools and support.

Used by industry and government customers worldwide in mission-critical software products ranging from small-footprint real-time embedded applications to large-scale information management systems, the GNAT Pro is a robust and flexible Ada development environment. Comprising of a full Ada compiler based on the GNU GCC technology, an Integrated Development Environment, a comprehensive toolsuite including a visual debugger, and a set of libraries and bindings, the GNAT Pro also includes unparalleled product support and expert Ada consulting.

Available on 18 native and 28 cross platforms, the latest 6.2 version of GNAT Pro offers over 130 new features including increased support for code coverage and source-to-object traceability, essential for safety-critical and high-reliability application development. The GNAT Pro 6.2 is also qualified for 146 different environments including variations of Ada runtimes as well as host and target OS versions.

The enhanced GNAT Pro 6.2 now boasts of an upgraded GNAT Pro compiler back-end based on GCC 4.3 that enables improved code generation and a debug engine based on GDB 6.8 that enables better debugger performance. These upgrades not only offer significant performance gains but allow porting to new architectures.

The GNAT Pro 6.2 features two new tools the GNAT Ada Java Interfacing Suite (GNAT AJIS) and GNAT Components Collection (GNATcoll). GNAT AJIS allows users to combine natively compiled Ada code with Java applications that run on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). GNATcoll is a suite of reusable software components comprising packages developed by AdaCore for the implementation of the GNAT compiler and toolset.

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