Redstation Has Chosen ntl:Telewest Business

Redstation, a Hampshire-based hosting and data centre provider, has chosen ntl:Telewest Business, part of the Virgin Media Group, to provide high capacity data services that are at the centre of the company's growth plans. ntl:Telewest Business was selected because the technical sophistication of its fibre optic network offered greater capacity, flexibility and value than other telecoms providers. Redstation reported 600 per cent sales growth for the six months to February 2009, so requires scalability to handle its rapid expansion.

Redstation's success as a web and server hosting specialist selling to end-user companies depends on high-speed, resilient data services to enable customers to access its facilities. As a next generation network provider, ntl:Telewest Business delivered the low latency network connections its customers in the financial and IT services sectors need, and also enabled it to add more bandwidth as and when required.

To demonstrate the reliability of its network, ntl:Telewest Business initially deployed a 100 Megabit-per-second (Mbps) connection to Redstation's 2 million, 60-rack data centre in Gosport. After the successful completion of this trial, Redstation upgraded its services to two 1 Gbps connections, making ntl:Telewest Business the data centre's primary internet provider.

Redstation has also made high capacity services from ntl:Telewest Business a strategic part of its expansion plans. It is currently constructing a 600-rack data centre, scheduled for completion next year, for which ntl:Telewest Business will provide the primary connections.

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