AnyDoc EXCHANGEit 5.1.2 Released

AnyDoc Software has announced the release of version 5.1.2 of its AnyDoc EXCHANGEit software. Acting as a bridge between incompatible data formats, AnyDoc EXCHANGEit incorporates a simple drag-and-drop data mapping interface that eliminates the need for costly programming or error-prone manual data transfer.

The wide functionality of AnyDoc EXCHANGEit makes it the ideal tool for moving captured data and document images to nearly any accounting, ERP, ECM or other back-end system. Enhancements in the latest release involve security upgrades which include active directory group level permissions, data encryption with port level communication, and new options for data transfers making implementation even easier.

And, when an IBML scanner is used to feed document images into OCR for AnyDoc for data capture, the software now contains the ability to send notifications back to an IBML production database, updating the batch status code following a successful data transfer from AnyDoc EXCHANGEit into a back-end application. Now the originator of the batch can be made aware that the batch has successfully completed the transfer.

AnyDoc EXCHANGEit 5.1.2 also includes SAP Certified Integration, enabling flexible data exchange between AnyDoc software and SAP, which quickly allows data captured from document images to be available in SAP.

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