Gas Agency Creates the British Music Experience Website

Gas Agency has successfully launched the first phase of a two phase site build for the British Music Experience (BME), a new, permanent, high-tech, interactive music exhibition within the world's most popular music venue, The O2.

Having been selected to design, develop and maintain a new global web presence for the BME, bespoke technology was incorporated to reflect the use of RFID technology throughout the exhibition. Traditional tickets have been replaced by a Smarticketing system which will allow visitors to activate the interactive elements of the exhibition and also to register further interest in specific BME features.

Visitors can then visit to access free downloads and further information on parts of the exhibition they want to learn more about.

The website is a phased build culminating in a full user experience by mid 2009. A community section, e-commerce platform and merchandising will be added to the live bespoke Content Management System (CMS), 'MyBME' section, Dance of the Decades, Learning section and Flash Player all created inhouse, which allows the user to continue their physical experience online.

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