Comodo Internet Security Offers Default-Deny Protection

Comodo Internet Security puts power in the hands of the people with a default deny approach to installing software. The suite includes both firewall and anti-virus software and is available to Internet users entirely free.

Comodo Internet Security instead denies access to all software that is not on Comodo's whitelist. Comodo's whitelist includes more than 2,000,000 files that are known to be safe for computers.

If Comodo Internet Security does not recognize the file, it prevents instructions on the file from running. This gives the computer user a chance to review the file and be sure it is safe before it can harm the computer. (Users who are not certain they can recognize malicious software can utilize Comodo's newest feature called ThreatCast. ThreatCast reports back to the user how other Comodo users have chosen to react to the file, including information on the number of users permitting the software to install itself.)

Comodo Internet Security comprises Comodo's proprietary firewall and antivirus software. PC owners may download one package alone or both for complete protection.

Visit for more information or to download a copy of Comodo Internet Security.

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