FreshNetworks Leads by Example in the World of Social Media

Social media is all about innovation and in such a fast-moving arena, sharing of knowledge is key. New social media company, FreshNetworks, was founded in 2007 on these principles. This spring the expert team is determined to lead by example. Starting this month, key members of the FreshNetworks team will be in California, Paris and London to name a few, speaking about social media and finding out what others in the industry are saying and doing.

From March 28th to April 3rd, CEO Charlie Osmond will be jetting off to San Francisco as part of WebMission 09. This unique program selects the 20 best Web 2.0 companies in the UK and Ireland to go on a 'mission' to Silicon Valley where they'll meet and interact with the phenomenal social media networks thriving out there. During the event, Charlie will be blogging about his experiences so that those of us back in the UK can share the knowledge he gains while out there.

Here in Europe, online communities are also a hot topic. As such, FreshNetworks' head of client services, Matt Rhodes, will be hopping across the channel to speak at the Marketing 2.0 Conference in Paris March 30-31. His topic? Engaging people through online communities. The conference aims to bring 'the intelligence, innovation, and leadership of the Marketing, Media and Internet industry together'. He'll be speaking alongside the likes of Alex Hunter (Head of Online Marketing for the Virgin Group), Scott Monty (Head of Social Media for Ford), Rolf Skyberg (Disruptive Innovator, eBay) and Damien Vincent (Facebook). Back in the UK, Matt is a featured speaker at the Research Magazine-sponsored Online Methods Conference in June. Here he'll be up on stage with Sophie Dekkers (easyJet), Jaroslav Cir (Unilever) and Eulin Goh (British Airways).

Continuing the innovation and knowledge-sharing initiative, FreshNetworks' COO Helen Trim will be flying across the pond to attend the Communities 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. With FreshNetworks already contributing to the organisation's blog, a productive relationship is kicking off. The event is all about using the idea of community for business impact a perfect match for FreshNetworks and their business-focused online communities.

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