Adsnu Offers Lifeline for Sellers after Text Link Ads Pulls Gambling Links

Link broker service Adsnu is offering site owners a lifeline after it was revealed that Text Link Ads is to squeeze its site inventory and stop trading in gambling related links.

As of February 24, 2009, Text Link Ads has ceased the exchange of any links relating to gambling, including poker, bingo, casino and betting, from its network leaving many link sellers now facing significant reductions in income from their site or blog. Any existing links that are currently on the Text Link Ads network will be automatically removed after their renewal date passes.

The decision means that Text Link Ads have followed others such as Link Worth and TNX in refusing to broker links for gambling related sites, leaving Adsnu as one of the few remaining brokers to still trade in gambling links.

With many webmasters and bloggers generating significant revenue in the sale of links to keep their sites running, the effects of this decision could severely damage the future of many sites. Those link sellers who are facing massive cuts in their income as a result of this change of policy are likely to welcome the stance taken by other brokers to continue trading in gambling links.

Text Link Ads have yet to make any public comment on the decision.

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