Centrix WorkSpace 3.0 Validated to Run on IGEL Universal Desktops

IGEL announces that Centrix Software's WorkSpace 3.0 solution has been validated to work with IGEL Universal Desktops. Centrix WorkSpace is an application aggregation and publishing platform that enables businesses using a complex virtualised computing environment to provide more user-friendly IT services.

Today most organisations are relying on multiple vendors and technologies to provide a best-of-breed solution to virtualisation. Users are faced with a fragmented experience making it difficult to find, access and use applications and services that should be at their finger tips.

Using Centrix Workspace and IGEL Universal Desktops, IT teams can consolidate fragmented virtualised infrastructures into an easy-to-use, productive environment gaining all the virtualisation benefits of cost savings, security and manageability without negatively impacting on the user experience. End-users benefit from a web-based desktop that provides access to all their applications at a mouse-click, without the need for toggling between different sessions or applications.

Centrix WorkSpace 3.0 has been designed to work across multiple platforms and clouds simultaneously to federate an unlimited number of resources originating from otherwise fragmented infrastructures, vendors and technologies, including but not limited to; Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, thin apps, VDI as well as web applications. Open APIs are provided to extend WorkSpace to deliver proprietary systems and legacy applications.

Combining IGEL Universal Desktops and Centrix WorkSpace, IT departments can decouple back-end infrastructures from end-users experiences, accelerating virtualisation adoption, improving business agility and user productivity. The combined solution provides a better daily utility environment for users and better return on investment for IT decision-makers.

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