Cost of PCI Compliance will Soon Climb

Customers want to pay with plastic. Merchants want to accept those payments. For merchants, adhering to security procedures is a necessary investment in order to be able to accept their customers' payment cards.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) require merchants to scan their networks regularly for vulnerabilities. Only PCI Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs), such as Comodo, can provide the PCI scans needed to validate quarterly compliance. The tests check for known vulnerabilities that a hacker can exploit to steal credit card data and sensitive customer information.

Many merchants satisfy their PCI scanning requirements right away by taking Comodo's free online vulnerability scan at If there are no major vulnerabilities found, Comodo's HackerGuardian returns a clean report, which the merchant shows to his or her payment card processor. If, however, there is a discrepancy in the report, the merchant will need to remediate and scan again. For ongoing compliance, merchants will need a full HackerGuardian PCI Scan subscription.

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