Employees Fall into Broken Process ‘Black Hole’

Over 25 per cent of employees are thwarted by poorly managed processes, research by business infrastructure company Software AG has shown. The study, which surveyed over 150 UK IT directors across multiple industry sectors, found that sloppy processes damaged morale and left over one fifth of staff 'frustrated'.

The research also revealed that staff endure an increased amount of red tape and admin that cause unnecessary delays to key business processes, with a further seven per cent of employees citing lost sales opportunities as a byproduct. In the current climate, good management across all areas of the business will be the hallmark of successful companies. This is the only way to enable employees to focus on the really important results in their working lives.

"In the midst of a recession, businesses cannot afford to be tripped up by poor process management", warned Jim Close, SVP and UK country manager at Software AG. "With pressure mounting to keep businesses afloat, losing sales because of mismanaged process is inexcusable. Having business process management systems in place to ease the pressure on staff is a smart move forward for businesses under pressure to improve efficiency."

The data also revealed that 16 per cent of employees highlighted customer dissatisfaction as a key symptom of poorly managed processes.

"This research underlines the fact that bad management can severely damage sales potential, harm customer relationships, and have a devastating impact on a company's long term viability. For many organisations, an IT system spring clean is a must to ensure poor process management is not their downfall", Close concluded.

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