NetQoS Performance Center Integrated with EMC Smarts

Network first responders are more likely to resolve issues without escalation using NetQoS Performance Center reports that are now directly accessible within the EMC Smarts Service Assurance Manager.

The NetQoS Connector for EMC Smarts brings application response time and network traffic analysis performance metrics into the EMC Smarts management console to deliver the just-in-time data and reports network operations center (NOC) personnel need to quickly isolate application performance problems and determine root cause.

With the network operations personnel better able to resolve performance issues themselves, network engineering teams benefit by having more time to devote to capacity planning and higher level troubleshooting and performance issues. If escalation is needed, the NetQoS Connector for EMC Smarts gives the NOC and network engineering teams a common language and set of reports to improve collaboration and solve problems faster.

A key differentiator of the NetQoS Connector for EMC Smarts is its bi-directional orientation, in contrast to the standard single-direction, trap-level integration offered between some performance and availability products. Not only can the NetQoS Performance Center alert the Smarts console to a problem, but NOC personnel also have direct access from the Smarts console to appropriate NetQoS performance data for quick analysis and troubleshooting. NetQoS performance metrics can be correlated to any event in Smarts, regardless of its source.

Operators simply right click on an incident in the Smarts console and select from multiple reports provided by the NetQoS Performance Center. These include protocol, host, and conversation data for every interface to understand traffic composition across the WAN, and response time break-downs by network, server or application for every TCP-based application to understand where performance issues originate. This prefiltered and summarised performance data from the NetQoS Performance Center, along with the product's automatic investigations into incidents, helps NOC teams quickly determine the status and impact of an issue without having to log in to another product and manually correlate the data.

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