Version 3.2 of Replify's Reptor Announced

Replify has announced an enhanced version of its Reptor application acceleration suite. The suite now includes seamless integration between corporate servers and distributed workgroup resources. It achieves this by accelerating traffic between virtual appliances, in the corporate data centre, and remote offices connected by wide area network connections. This means that remote workgroup workers have a significantly improved collaborative working and file sharing experience.

According to Wesley Darlington, CTO at Replify, "One of the issues faced by remote workgroups is that multiple users are requesting files over a slow, shared pipe that connects with head office. What we have done with this new release is to relieve the burden on this pipe by, in effect, consolidating file requests on our workgroup accelerator. This means that files that are being requested by multiple users are cached locally rather than being sent up and down the same pipe for different users. Plus we strip out all the unnecessary, duplicated, junk that tends to be sent up and down the line to and from workgroups. Using our technology results in the user experience at the remote workgroup becoming just like it is for workers directly connected to the HQ LAN. We achieve this through our unique XDR technology."

The new version of Reptor version 3.2 also introduces enhanced features for accelerating secure document sharing applications such as SharePoint and Lotus Notes resulting in faster access to secure corporate documentation over remote and mobile connections. Version 3.2 also handles SSL certificate management and HTTPS traffic meaning that Enterprise 2.0 web applications now run faster - even over poor WiFi and 2G connections.

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