Pillar Administration to Modernise Customer Communications

Thunderhead announces that Pillar Administration has selected its standards-based, enterprise communications platform to improve the organisation's efficiency and reduce production costs, while supporting future growth. According to Pillar, Thunderhead's user-friendly platform will enable the financial services provider to automate historically manual processes while improving customer service.

Based in Coniston, Australia, Pillar is the country's third largest provider of superannuation administration services, offering funds management, retirement planning and wealth management. Pillar selected the Thunderhead NOW platform in part due to the flexibility of its standards-based open architecture. This enables rapid integration with Pillar's existing TIBCO Business Process Management (BPM) software for straight-through processing of customer correspondence.

Pillar manages accounts for more than 1.8 million members across 10 different funds and struggled to find a proven document output solution that could grow with the business as new funds were acquired. The company formerly relied on multiple solutions that required a high level of IT intervention. In contrast, Thunderhead NOW will enable Pillar's business users to manage shared content and business rules, reducing IT costs.

In addition, Thunderhead's XML design will enable Pillar to simplify template management, using white labeling to tailor its communications across the 10 different fund brands, while providing centralised control for compliance. Pillar will also reduce print and postage costs by moving toward electronic distribution of its communications.

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