Optenet's HostSecure Available

Optenet has announced the availability of HostSecure, a new solution that can automatically analyse, detect and report inappropriate user-generated material posted on organisations' Web sites, blogs and Wikis. HostSecure enables organisations that host online content from web hosting and internet service providers to major corporations to dynamically categorise and remove any material deemed inappropriate. HostSecure protects providers from unknowingly exposing site visitors to inappropriate content thereby helping to preserve their status as reputable and responsible organisations.

The rise in popularity of social networking sites, blogs and community Web sites that encourage users to post content has resulted in a tremendous amount of uninspected Web content including objectionable text, photos and videos. As the amount of user-generated material continues to grow, organisations are under increasing pressure to maintain the interactive real-time communications of Web 2.0 technologies while still responsibly scrutinising content. These factors are driving organisations to seek a more automated and streamlined approach to reviewing, categorising and removing inappropriate material from their sites.

As a key offering within Optenet's roster of security solutions for service providers and enterprises, HostSecure provides a detection system that enables service providers, hosting providers and other large organisations to continually monitor and manage the content of the Web sites they host and eliminate any unwanted or objectionable material. The solution is backed by multiple proprietary intelligent content filtering techniques and address analysis, in conjunction with databases of millions of URLs. HostSecure also provides reports in real-time, giving the administrator a detailed map of all content uploaded to the Web by its subscribers.

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