Communicator Corp Launches its Intelligent Delivery Solution

Communicator Corp has addressed the email communication needs of responsible marketers, CRM teams and IT departments with the launch of its Intelligent Delivery Solution (IDS).

IDS utilises intelligent, self-learning methodology to ensure that email campaigns and business-critical, transactional communications alike achieve optimum inbox placement and maximise revenues. In addition, the system protects and builds the sender's reputation and ensures that their email communications plays by the rules.

IDS ensures that the delivery of B2B or B2C campaigns is configured to achieve unrivalled inbox delivery rates. The system's advanced intelligence automatically responds to ISP/IEP policy changes, and bases future sending rates and patterns upon the statistical analyses of previous campaigns. This increases delivery rates and ensures that users observe best practice and remain the right side of policy variations as and when they happen.

In-built, statistical algorithms and a suite of powerful analysis tools monitor key delivery metrics to ensure that the sender's dispatch strategy is continually adjusted to achieve the optimum delivery rates. Communicator Corp states that the innovative and unique way in which the system evolves with client's needs can boost inbox delivery rates by up to 50%.

IDS contrasts markedly to traditional approaches, for whilst delivery methods such as shared IP addresses, dedicated IP addresses or tiered dispatching have their benefits, they all carry significant risks, costs and pitfalls. Most importantly, they cannot always ensure optimal delivery.

With IDS deployed, organisations can send entire, pre-optimised campaigns immediately; without the need to throttle delivery speeds and scale campaigns. However, senders are secure in the knowledge that the risks to reputation of a bad campaign are negated. In addition, users are not punished for irregular dispatching volumes or times.

The new technology can be integrated into any existing business systems or used in conjunction with Communicator Corp's Communicator enterprise email management platform that enables true, relevant and personalised digital communications.

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