Anam Announces New Major Operators for its SMS Smart Services

Anam announces that three major, global mobile operators have signed up to Anam's Smart Services for SMS. Anam is a pioneer of value-added SMS services which enable global mobile operators to increase their revenues from SMS so the deals with the unnamed operators mean that Anam will provide increased SMS functionality to help create new, compelling services for subscribers in Taiwan, Ireland and Vietnam.

Some of the Smart Services that Anam is providing as part of these new deals include Messaging+, which adds email-like functionality to SMS, allowing users to forward messages or set up an out-of-office alert; and Anti-SPAM, which blocks unwanted messages on the network, creating a better service for subscribers.

Anam's range of Smart Services also includes Ad-Funded SMS, which inserts ads into text messages to allow operators to increase revenues from advertisers and offer subsidised messaging; Parental Control, which allows parents to block unwelcome messages from their child's handset; and SMS Money Transfer, which allows users to send money to contacts in their address book, simply by using a standard text message.

Securing these recent deals was, in part, due to the comprehensive nature of Anam's offering. The company can offer SMS infrastructure solutions that can improve the delivery of messages through the network, through to SMS applications and Smart Services that can help operators to dramatically increase revenues as well as reduce churn by creating 'sticky' services.

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